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A cafe without computers?

There's no doubt that cafes are wonderful places. Tempting smells of strong coffee and the sight of people conversing for hours over topics like politics and art could be one of the most iconic symbols of cafe culture in the world. However, these marvelous places are changing very fast. The buzz of coffee roasters and the sound of conversation are being clouded by the racket of fingers typing on a keyboard and the clicking of a mouse. Unfortunately, this is the sad reality of many cafes and coffeehouses today. To a degree most of us are guilty of this, we buy one coffee and sit in a cafe for hours and hours as if the space was our office. It's a sad reality that cafes are starting to resemble offices rather than places of relaxation and leisure.

Nevertheless, there is one place in Burlington, Vermont- close to the border of Canada- that is revolting against the "new cafe culture scene." Computers and Ipads are banned! It’s a very brave decision but it seems that the cafe is still one of the most popular in town and their customers are very supportive of the new rule. Continue reading to see how one cafe managed to turn off their Wifi and started a micro-revolution in a small college town full of Internet cafes.

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