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30 Aerial Views of Incredible Cities and Landscapes

Cities, cities cities! Most of us all love cities: the excitement, the activity, the culture, the food, the fashion, the people and if you live in Rio, the beach!

But what sometimes gets overlooked is the physical layout and design of megacities. For instance, did you know New York city was designed on a grid system with an enormous park- Central Park- right in the middle of the metropolis? Or that Paris has really strict building codes to preserve historic architecture and styles? Sometimes, urban design and layout can be the most interesting elements about cities. So think about your city and other cities you've been to in your travels. What styles of architecture do you prefer? What are the main similaries and differences between Rio and these cities you've been to?

I grew up outside New York City and went to the city very often with my family and friends. And now living in Rio, I can distinctly see the similiaries and differences between the layout of both cities. For instance, Manhattan is situated on a flat island, which made it very easy to plan because of the lack of difficult terrain like mountains and lakes. On the other hand, Rio is a mountainous city with a lot of natural elements like the Lagoa and various mountains to work around, literally. It is pretty amazing that the city has constructed tunnels and metro lines that run underneath some of the biggest mountains like the Corcovado and the Dois Irmãos.

So, take a look at these images of cities and rural spaces, and observe their layouts. They're pretty cool!

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