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The Experience Travel Company in Rio de Janeiro!

If you fancy yourself a traveler who likes to experience your destination to the fullest and not just be a spectator then you have found the right travel company. Jinga Experience - Rio de Janeiro brings together travelers from all over the world to experience the rhythm and culture, the people, the food, the nature and adventure, and the true identity of the city of Rio de Janeiro!

Jinga Experience was founded by three brothers born to a mother from Rio de Janeiro (a Carioca) and a father from New York City. The soul of Jinga is where these two cultures connect. American minds with Brazilian hearts. American ambition with Brazilian rhythm. Jinga Experience is American professionalism with Brazilian swag. From Spain to Turkey, Italy to Brazil, the brothers have lived all over the globe with countless adventures in-between. Throughout the many travels, there is one place that has inspired them more than any other: Brazil.

“There is just an energy about this country that we haven’t felt anywhere else. It’s hard to put your finger on it, but when you feel it, you know,” says Evan Farr, co-founder.

Maybe it’s the jaw-dropping natural beauty. Maybe it’s the sheer enormity of the country and its endless diversity. Or maybe it’s the warmth of its people and its climate. Whatever it may be, Brazil has captured their hearts and they are here to have it capture yours.

Find out more at Jinga Experience ! Experience Rio de Janeiro.

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